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I am a practicing Gestalt psychotherapist and psychologist. I offer individual online psychotherapy for adults in Polish and English language. For many years I have been observing and experiencing the fact that most difficult situations that have affected us or were traumatic for us can turn into our potential and contribute to our development and deepening our sensitivity and awareness. I am a person who believes in the possibility of change, no matter what place you start from. I can help you discover yourself and how you are in your relations to yourself and other people. We can meet in an atmosphere of security, confidentiality and without judgment. It is a pleasure for me to accompany other people in what they are genuinely going through, and I have great respect for the diversity of human experiences and individual life paths. I also respect the way and pace in which the person who comes to me wants to discover herself / himself during therapeutic work. I studied psychotherapy at the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute in Edinburgh and at the Integral Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute in Krakow. I am a graduate of Psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, and I completed postgraduate studies in Addiction Therapy and Co-addiction at the Institute of Health Psychology in Warsaw. Currently I am in the middle of the studies of jungian analisis, that I do in Instituto de Eleusis in Lima, Peru. Also I am on the intership in the centre of healing adictions and depresion Takiwasi Centro in Tarapoto, Peru. I gained professional experience at the Mental Health Clinic in Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Pruszków, the Addiction and Co-addiction Therapy Clinic in Toruń, the Psychiatric Hospital 'Drewnica' near Warsaw and at the Private Addiction Treatment Center near Włocławek. I invite you if you are struggling with: depression, anxiety and panic attacks, relationship difficulties, grief and mourning, life crisis, low self-esteem, lack of meaning in life, lack of access to pleasure, lack of awareness of own needs and fulfilling them, codependency, personality disorders, willingness to discover "who am I" I am regularly supervising my work with certified Gestalt supervisors. Feel free to contact me if you need help with what you are going through at the moment.
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