Take care of the mental health and wellbeing of your employees

We provide comprehensive support for businesses that care for the well-being of their employees, and thus the growth of entire organizations. We develop personalized wellbeing programs that allow companies to discover the potential of a committed and motivated team.Ask for the offer

We care about the mental well-being and internal motivation of employees. We support the organizational culture of teams.

We provide comprehensive support for businesses that care for the well-being of their employees, and thus the growth of entire organizations. We develop personalized wellbeing programs that allow companies to discover the potential of a committed and motivated team.

What happens when you invest in the mental health of your employees?


this is how much the employee turnover in your company will decrease if you provide them with access to the help of a psychotherapistData from the World Health Organization


employees using the support of a specialist will feel an increase in motivation to workData from the American Psychiatric Association


this is how much the productivity of your employees will increase if they benefit from support in the area of ​​wellbeingSickness absence in 2018, data from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) 2019

PLN 6 billion

this is how much Polish entrepreneurs can save on the costs incurred each year as a result of the decline in the mental condition of employeesDeloitte report "From a wave of departures to a wave of changes. Are we ready for a new approach to work?"

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How we support

Managers and HR

Wellbeing consulting
As a wellbeing partner of the organization, we focus primarily on the needs of the people. We select the best development path and support the client in building a strategy and implementing planned solutions.
Solutions for HR departments
We help HR teams achieve high business efficiency in the area of employee well-being. We advise, provide tools and support in fulfilling the goals set on the wellbeing path, corresponding to the needs of the organization.
Learning and development
Every day, the managerial staff faces numerous challenges, which often require a fresh perspective and appropriate tools. That’s exactly why our experts help you find the right solutions and the best path for further work during personalized training.
More*Data from Wellbee
Partnerships and special projects
We carry out educational campaigns, special wellbeing projects, cooperation with non-governmental organizations and foundations. Got an idea for joint operation? We are happy to support the initiative of your company.


Specialized support
More than 200 specialists: therapies in various therapeutic approaches, psychiatry, psychodietetics, sexology, addiction therapy, couples therapy, parental consultations, personal development experts, coaching and more.
Psychoeducational platform
Unlimited access to courses developed by top mental health professionals and personal development experts. The courses are delivered in the form of superior-quality psychoeducational materials (videos, podcasts, texts, exercises).
Webinars and workshops
Companies that focus on psychoeducation have 79.7% more employee engagement when it comes to the implemented wellbeing & mental health program.* When preparing webinars and live workshops, we focus on the current needs and challenges of our clients.
More*Data from Wellbee
61% of high-performing companies are characterized by a strong coaching culture. These companies also score higher on employee engagement (69% vs. 39%) and customer satisfaction (82% vs. 63%).*
More*Source: Research conducted in 2018 by ICF and the Human Capital Institute.

See what customers say about us.

Michał Kwiatkowski
STX Next
When war broke out in Ukraine on February 24, many of our employees and associates began to feel high uncertainty and fear. This was particularly the case for people from Ukraine, who were afraid for their loved ones. As the management board of STX Next, we wanted to provide our people with immediate psychological support, which was often the only real form of aid in the first days of the conflict in this situation.Expand
Agata Oczkowicz
Grape Up
What we gained most of all thanks to cooperation with Wellbee is the opportunity to support the team and remind everyone that mental health is just as important as physical.

In our opinion, the unquestionable advantage of Wellbee is the availability of a wide range of therapists from various trends (including coaches). For us, as an international company, it was also important that the therapies could be conducted in different languages ​​(e.g. English or Ukrainian).
Magdalena Maślanka
The Wellbee company offers services at the highest level. From the choice of the type of therapy, to favorable dates and times of sessions, individually tailored to the employee, and above all, a very friendly way of making appointments.

Wellbee is much more than just psychological support. It offers i.a. webinars and access to monthly newsletters, eagerly read by our employees.

Why Wellbee?

Access to the best specialists within 12 hours

Wellbee experts are available within a few to several hours, so that your team gets support exactly when it needs it. Mental health specialists from various fields are waiting for you - therapists of many trends, psychiatrists, psycho-oncologists, psycho-dietitians, sexologists, as well as coaches, mentors, crisis interventionists and others.

Holistic wellbeing support for companies

We are a wellbeing partner of companies, and cooperation with us is not only help, but also prevention and psychoeducation. In addition to therapy, on our platform you will also find specialists in personal development or mindfulness. As part of psychoeducation, you and your employees will receive access to wellbeing courses, as well as the opportunity to organize dedicated workshops, webinars and special campaigns.

Flexible offer and comprehensive approach

Psychoeducation and support from mental health professionals? Or maybe also coaching, mentoring and workshops for managers? You choose what kind of support your organization needs. Together we will look at the expectations of your employees and take care of their well-being as they need it most.

Psychotherapy and psychoeducation in many languages

Our clients include not only small and medium-sized companies from the domestic market, but also international corporations. By cooperating with other organizations, we make sure that their teams have access to specialists and psychoeducation in the language they need.


Wellbee maintains the best security practices related to data storage and processing. You can be calm about all data related to your organization and employees.


The process of making appointments takes place via the Wellbee platform, and consultations take place anonymously - employers do not know who and when uses the services. Meetings with our specialists and their details are fully confidential.

Your team needs us

For over 90% of employees, the employer's lack of concern for their well-being would be a reason to look for a new job*. Become one of our supportive employers and develop your team's capabilities holistically, while reducing absenteeism, presenteeism and keeping talent in the company.* Deloitte report "From a wave of departures to a wave of change. Are we ready for a new approach to work?", June 2022.

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