Blue Monday - a day unlike any other? Webinar with Olga Wojciechowska
16 styczeń | 13:00
Webinar | Olga Wojciechowska

Blue Monday - a day unlike any other? Webinar with Olga Wojciechowska

O wydarzeniu

January. The beginning of the New Year. A time of New Year's resolutions or plans, and also, in our geographic zone, a time of gloom, longing for the Sun, and lowered mood and energy... It's a time that can be challenging for some of us. Especially for those of us who are more sensitive. It would seem that choosing the most depressing day of the year precisely in January - makes sense...But does it? Is Blue Monday a myth, truth, or marketing ploy? During the webinar, we will
try to answer this question. The topic is also a good opportunity to look at our overall well-being - physical and mental during the winter months. There are many ways to overcome those days when we feel less motivated, and notice a constant stream of negative thoughts in our heads.
Despite unfavourable external conditions, we can keep our energy high and enjoy each day and stop worrying. And this is what this webinar will be about.
During the meeting, you will learn:
- Where the term Blue Monday came from and what was the purpose of establishing this day in the year
- If it is a myth - what damage it has caused
- How to recognize winter depression and how to treat it - as well as prevent it
- Does January have to be depressing
- How to take care of good emotions this winter? How to drive away negative thoughts?
- How to cope with the lack of light/sun - if you don't have the opportunity to go to Tenerife?
- What are the positive sides of winter?
- How to take care of our body in winter? What to eat to feel good in the body and positive in mind?
- A variety of techniques and tools that will help you get through the difficult winter time and also moments when you feel difficult emotions.

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