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WORK AREAS I specialize in individual therapy. I’m working with clients across a variety of areas – life-changing events, dissatisfaction with life, relationship issues, self-worth/esteem, difficulty in making good life choices, personal/professional development. Often clients face a combination of many of the above. THERAPY APPROACH Our sessions can help you: • To live with inner consent to what you value, aspire and need • To be yourself and understand yourself on a deeper level • Experiencing life fully and authentically • To be with the reality- focusing on the present while building a meaningful future • Develop caring relationships • Build mental strength In addition, many of clients enjoy the hypnotherapy. They experience some very pleasant effects after their sessions: • They feel calmer, more relaxed, positive and confident • They are more focused and motivated • They get a good night’s sleep • They have an overall feeling of well-being that lasts for a good while afterwards Not all forms of psychotherapy focus solely on the past. We will use past as a background to understand you. In my psychotherapy practice, I mosty work within the present while building a future. I can help you examine the bigger picture of your existence and values. It may be a good fit for you if: • You posses a strong ability to self-reflect • You prefer intellectual forms of therapy • You want to understand your values and motivations I work primarily from an existential framework. Existential Analysis, a psychotherapeutic approach, founded by the Viennese psychiatrist and famous holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, intends a life with inner consent. This implies activating the authentic personal will (freedom) and responsibility. The aim of Existential Analysis is to guide a person towards experiencing their life authentically and freely. To do so we are entering a dialogue. My approach is also influenced by my training in hypnotherapy as well as my leadership experience. I value honesty, openness and humour both in my personal and professional life. My individual psychotherapy style is real and down to earth. EDUCATION Education and Training: • 4-years postgraduate training in Psychotherapy- Existential Analysis and Logotherapy (GLE International, London) • Master's degree in Psychology (Jagiellonian University, Poland) • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (The Marisa Peer School, London) EXPERIENCE I bring a diverse set of experiences to my practice. As a psychotherapist with a leadership and Human Resources background, I bring a unique set of competences to my psychotherapy work. I understand the challenges so many individuals are up against in the workplace and I am passionate about working with my Clients to navigate it. Prior to my time as a psychotherapist, I spent over 15 years in a leadership roles in a high-paced corporations. I worked predominately in transforming organizations, building and developing teams for major global firms in the banking sector (Citi, UBS, Standard Chartered). As a result, I fully appreciate the stressors and impact that a demanding lifestyle has on a person’s mental health and wellness. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION I work online from my calm and comfortable therapy space at home in Bali, Indonesia, which is why the schedule is available in the morning Polish time (7 am-11 am). Hypnotherapy is available for PLN 339/50 minutes. To schedule a hypnotherapy session, please contact me by email: Consultation (hypnotherapy) - 339 PLN/ 50 minutes precedes each proper 3-hour hypnotherapy session (3x339 PLN). The hypnotherapy session consists of 2x50 minutes of hypnotherapy plus the preparation of a self-hypnosis recording. I attend regular supervision. Thank you for considering me as your psychotherapist.
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